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5 Signs It Is Time for a New Roof

Most homeowners ignore the roof on their house until they discover a leak. By itself, a leak is not necessarily evidence that a roof needs replacing. Sometimes the problem is as simple as repairing metal flashing around a chimney or vent or applying sealant around some other roof accessory.

Ideally, you don’t want to wait until your roof is leaking before you decide whether or not to replace it. This is one of those situations where preventative measures can save money and trouble.

In addition to leaks, a bad roof can cause serious damage to a home or other building, even if no leak is detected. Here are some factors you can check to assess whether or not it is time to think about replacing your roof.

How old is the roof? Traditional shingle roofs are rated to last about 25 years. Older homes often have multiple layers of shingles. Factors like climate and ventilation can affect the life of a roof. If your roof hasn’t been replaced in more than two decades, it might be time to have a representative from a reputable roofing company give it an inspection.

Are the edges of the shingles curling or breaking? If you see areas where the shingle edges are turned up, that is a pretty reliable indication that it is time to get a new roof.

Are the gutters full of shingle gravel? As shingles age, the gravel on them loosens and is washed into the rain gutters. If the gutters are full and the shingles have obviously lost gravel, it is a sign that the roof is wearing out.

Look inside the attic. If you can see signs of leaking, water damage, or if you can see light between the roof boards, those are signs that a roof might need to be replaced.

Are there missing shingles? Over time, shingles can dry and shrink. Nails loosen from years of expanding and contracting from cold and heat. When shingles start to come off or to break, those are signs that the roof may be reaching the end of its useful life.

If your roof is showing one or more of these signs, we recommend contacting an experienced and reputable roofing company to tell you whether or not it is time to replace that worn roof.