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What Will Roofing Look Like in 100 Years?

Today, most residential roofs are made from asphalt shingles. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, but they only last about 20 years before they need to be replaced. However, as roofing technology continues to advance, roofing contractors are ...

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Atlanta Storms: Will You Need to Replace Your Roof?

Mother Nature has a way of ruining a perfectly good home. Between tornadoes and hurricanes or earthquakes and floods, your home faces more threats than you might realize. While it’s possible to have your entire home ruined in a natural ...

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Common Roof Types by Region

We all know how important the roof is to our home. It is the cornerstone of safety and protection, making our home a practical shelter from outdoor temperatures, weather, and more. It also serves the double duty of being a ...

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Think You Could Become a Professional Roofer? Take This Quiz

Have you ever thought about becoming a professional roofer? In a specialized role of the construction process, there are certain skills and abilities that you must possess in order to successfully complete this work. Here are 5 questions that you ...

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The History of the Roofing Profession

When you are purchasing new shingles, you may not be thinking about what a luxury it is to be able to waltz down to the home improvement store and find what you need sitting on a shelf. However, roofers did ...

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