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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Putting a new roof on your home can be a costly project. At Crestmark Roofing and Construction, we want you to know which questions to ask before hiring a contractor. Keep reading to find out how you can ensure you hire a quality company that produces quality results.

The Best Answers to the Right Questions

Ask the contractor if they are licensed in your state. Each state differs in code requirements for contractors. You should research your state’s code requirements to be sure that licensure is required.

Ask if the contractor has workman’s compensation insurance. By law, roofing contractors must have workman’s compensation insurance; however, to this day, many contractors and roofers try to get away with not having it. If an employee gets injured on your property and they aren’t covered by workman’s comp, you may have to pay the medical bills. To protect yourself from this, only hire contractors who have workman’s compensation insurance for themselves and their employees.

Ask if the contractor carries liability insurance. While workman’s compensation insurance covers the employees on your property, general liability insurance will cover your actual property. If a contractor makes a mistake that causes damages your home and doesn’t have general liability insurance, you may be responsible for the expense of the repairs. Always hire contractors that carry general liability insurance and be sure to ask for a copy of the insurance certificate.

Ask the contractor what will be done in case of inclement weather. Your contractor should be prepared to protect your home from any damage that could come from inclement weather while the roof is being worked on. This will include covering the job site and project with plastic covers and tarpaulins.

Always ask about a warranty. If a warranty has been promised, be sure to get it in writing. Warranties are a great way to protect and ensure the life of your investment. Modern shingles should last at least 25 years.

Ask for a written estimate. Price quotes and estimates are the best way to ensure a fair and honest price for repairs. A contractor will likely pay a visit to your home to analyze the work that needs to be done and then formulate an estimated cost of repairs. Be sure to keep a copy of this estimate to ensure the end price doesn’t greatly differ from the estimated cost.

By asking these questions, you are ensuring that your roof is worked on by high-quality and experienced roofing contractors in Marietta, GA, and the Metro Atlanta area.