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Why Us


  1. NO COMMISSIONED SALES PEOPLE: Allows us to be completely honest when dealing with you. Many companies have straight commission sales persons who will recommend clients filing claims when not justified. We may not be telling a potential client what they want to hear however am going to be honest with them. MOST clients are very appreciative of this. Both Owners (2) of CRC are very involved in these daily activities.
  2. KNOWLEDGE IN ASSESSING CLAIMS: Our experience allows us to effectively provide you with sufficient information to make educated decisions. This will allow you to decide on whether to file a claim based on amount of actual damage & anticipated cost. Also, when we are recommending a claim to be filed, we will advise you to call your agent & always recommend for us to meet the field adjuster to review & agree on scope of work.
  3. FIELD ADJUSTER CONFIDENCE: Local insurance adjusters know us & have advised us many times the appreciation of not going overboard in mitigation phase re: demo of floors, drywall, etc. Have had many instances where supplements are needed & adjusters advise us to write up @ later date & send in-knowing we will be completely honest.
  4. TOTAL JOB SERVICES: Based on the fact we are not just a mitigation services co such as many others, we can provide more value to you by providing complete & total repair services for any interior/exterior needs.
  5. WARRANTY: Always stand behind our five (5) year warranty & take care of any issues after all work completed to owner’s satisfaction.
  6. FINANCING: We offer in house deductible financing. Also, offer to options for total project financing allowing up to five (5) years to pay off.

SUMMATION: Our customers tell us we have eliminated many claims being filed in error. We know the importance of proper claim assessment & take this very seriously. Also, NO CHARGE for initial evaluation visit. Let us show why so many recommend us!